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Novacart Expanding The Market to Asia The Best Paper Baking Cup & Mould for Bakery

During June 13 to 16 2012, Bakery Magazine was invited by Novacart SpA to Bangkok for meeting them in their booth at Propak Asia 2012. We were given the opportunity to meet Mr. Rodolfo Anghileri, the second generation of Novacart Group Companies ownership, and also Mr. Stefano Vila, the Products & Equipment Senior Sales Engineer as well as Ms. Paola Torricelli, the Industrial Export Department Manager. The invitation from Novacart to Bakery Magazine is the form of trust from Novacart to appoint us as their partner in campaigning and expanding their products into Asia market. Novacart, The Leading Paper Baking Cups & Paper Baking Mould Producer The usages of paper baking cup in bakery, either for bread, pastry or chocolate has been known for a long time ago and getting more popular lately along with the awareness of quality of hygiene and the importance of the beauty appearance to boost up the sales. Apart from that, the usage of paper cup and paper baking mould also have the benefits in the production process comprised of efficiency, effectiveness and eco friendly. Founded in 1926, Novacart today is a manufacturing company which produces any kind of paper based confectionery packaging and cups in full cycle with the biggest capacity. Everyday millions of pieces paper baking cups and paper baking mould are produced as well as cardboard mould, lace doily, tray or even printed carton box. In 1978 a new factory was built in Garbagnate Monastero, Italy, which become the head office for sales and production. Since 1996 Novacart started its expanding to every corner of the world by forming the distribution offices. First they opened the office in Richmond, California USA. Then inm France, Norway, Spain and UK. In year 2000 also established new factory in Bosisio Parini Italy producing baking mould and microwave paper. In 2007 established factory in USA, located in New Jersey that produces industrial baking cup and tulip paper cup. Total employees are 750 who are working in 9 factories and 6 sales unit. Novacart also has the ability to produce its own raw material needed in their production such as paper, laminating, printing and final products with wide range of varieties. With more than 85 years of experience, Novacart has become the leading player in the category covering the usage of paper for cooking and baking, presentation and food packaging in any kind of confectionery and pastry products. State of The Art Machineries to Produce Versatile First Class Products Since 1980, Novacart has set its goal to produce innovative product every year to present it to their customers and the designs are patent protected. To be in line with that purpose hence they establish a company named CMS (COSTRUZIONE MACCHINE SPECIALI, STEP Division) which assigned to produce product design, to manufacture most suitable machine and tools in order creating any type of paper products. If we touch any baking mould of Novacart we can understand and feel the strength of its structure. “The strong structure is not by thickening the paper, if we do so thus the baking process will last long since the heat we need will be higher to pass through the thick paper. Instead we create the good paper structure with high technology resulted from the intense research in our R&D department,” Mr. Rodolfo Anghileri explained. The mentioned innovative structure design used the CAD tools (Computer Aided Design) into solid model to do the simulation and severe mechanic design test. CMS consist of the mechanical and electronical engineers as well as working together with various universities in Europe. For industrial customers, such as industrial big bakery, the Novacart machines can be installed in the production area (nested) integrated as one process line, so no hands interference happened in the production of bread. The Valuable Benefits Using Novacart’s Products Question might be raised in mind, why should we use European products with higher price attribute compared to China made products or even local ones with cheaper price? “In fact, if we calculate more carefully, using Novacart products will not be much more expensive compared to the local ones or China made products or using the tin moulds. In terms of baking paper cup which are flooded by cheap China made products, we confidently said that our products offering much more benefits to be considered,” said Stefano Villa, who handled engineering and design any Novacart products before positioned in sales. The benefits of using Novacart products : 1. By using Novacart paper baking cup or paper baking mould will avoid the contact with hands after baking process hence the hygiene of the bread and cake is guaranteed. 2. By using Novacart products will create saving in energy consumption. When using baking mould or baking trays made by tin or other metals, affecting the need of heat more compared with using the paper material mould or trays. The saving will reach 30% depends on the type and size of the baked products. 3. By using Novacart products will create saving in baking tools equipments investment while gain the convenient in process handling as well as many varieties of shape created at minimum cost. 4. By using Novacart products will create premium quality of bread and cake thanks to their ability to keep moisture in the cake and bread. 5. By using Novacart product will erase the cost of using margarine or shortening for greasing due to the capability of Novacart products functioned as the mould and packaging. 6. By using Novacart products will support the safety of the products thanks to Novacart’s raw material made of pure cellulose, source from the Swedish wood with FSC certified. Since Novacart products using pure cellulose, in any case it was swollen will affect nothing harmful to our body. Other material is that the ink used in the outer side must be food grade specification. 7. By using Novacart products will help the bakery owners to keep their environment green since Novacart products are made of compostable material. 8. By using Novacart products will help the handling to the next secondary packaging which will be easier. With its elegant and pretty outlook as well as strong structure will attract many costumers to buy the bakery products hence will increase the sales volume. “Please be advised that Novacart products are not commodity products. We produce branded products based on painstaking research, carefully selected material and hi tech production process. So when using Novacart products, the bakery owners in fact purchasing solution from us to increase their sales, efficiency and effectiveness as well as gaining the good brand image,” explained Mr Rodolfo confidently. Novacart’s Product Variety for Bakery, Pastry and Chocolate Various of Novacart products to fulfill the bakery needs is very complete either for industrial or artisanal bakeries. BAKING MOULDS This line, which interprets the Italian confectionery tradition, grows richer every year with new models realized and developed with the collaboration of the most prestigious Italian and European confectionery industries. Some of these products are exclusive while others are available for all the customers. For requests of suitable quantities, it is possible to have customized drawing and printing. Many types of baking mould from Novacart comprised of heart, bell, tree, Pandora, colomba, multiportion, star, lamb, egg, plum, panettone basso, ring, and tart. “ I always bring Novacart products from France since I can not find these good products in Bangkok, while I fully understand and suit to me for making good quality panettone,” explained Roy Chung, a well known bakery consultant in Asia based in Bangkok. PAPER CUPS / MUFFIN Novacart "Forno series" products are the result of a complete in-cycle production, of the design and manufacture of the mould up to the supply of the automatic lines to take baking cups out. Novacart has planed and developed these tested products for the most important European confectionery trade-marks. The ability to adapt to the most limited tolerances and to the most complex designs with accuracy and rapidity, has been the creative quality of these approvals. “Forno series" products are made of a special paper resistant to fats and heat; they are particularly suitable for the baking of single small sizes. They can be used alone or they can be put into metal trays. These series included industrial bakery paper cup that produce muffin, mini muffin, tartelette pie, praline, oval shape mould, square or rectangular shape N.T.S. Muffins Trays Novacart Tray System is a NOVACART international patent for muffins baking; that meets a great success in every market since several years; it is the alternative to metal moulds, their greasing and washing. It is a multiple baking cups pan system which requires a lower temperature in the oven and a shorter baking time so that it is possible to increase production and to save energy; the cooling down cycle is faster, too. It is totally automated, from the filling cycle to the packaging cycle with no need of human interventions. NTS can be used either for Frozen dough or frozen part baked products. ECOS PAPER BACKING MOULDS It is an ecological and innovative solution living a traditional image to your sweet and savoury products. It's designed to bake in conventional and microwave oven up to the temperature of + 200°C. It is a product not requiring greasing or other treatments for easy release from the customer. It is designed to carry out the double function as a baking mould as well as tray for its final presentation on the dining-table. Suitable for metal detectors. The suitable products included mini pie, pie and pizza. OPTIMA CARDBOARD BACKING MOULDS It is an ecological and innovative solution living a traditional image to your sweet and savoury products. It's designed to bake in conventional and microwave oven as well as to be stored in the deep freezer from -40°C to + 200°C.It is a product not requiring greasing or other treatments for easy release from the customer. It is designed to carry out the double function as a baking mould as well as tray for its final presentation on the dining-table. Suitable for metal detectors. APOLLO PATENT This revolutionary design was created in Novacart’s laboratories after years of careful studying on physical and chemical characteristics and humidity resistance of the various materials used in the manufacture of Apollo. "Apollo" is made up of a cardboard lace doily covered by gold polypropylene film with anti-skid embossing. The laminated doily is then glued to an over leaf printing cardboard plate. "Apollo", as other Novacart products, was designed to enable customisation in the oval. Apollo is made of a lace in cardboard, laminated with a polypropylene film with gold and embossed anti-slip, laminated with a cardboard disc back-printing. Like all products Novacart, Apollo was designed to allow an effective personalization. "Apollo" offers many tangible benefits: - Gives elegance and enhances the presentation of sweets - Is made of recyclable materials created for use in food - It is waterproof and resistant to grease and water - Is stiff and therefore very strong - Designed to be placed in the refrigerator, and withstands higher temperatures. Certification As Quality Assurance & Environmental Responsibility ISO 9002 certified from year 1999, Novacart SpA manages each company process with codified procedures. From the stocking up of the raw materials to the delivery of the end products, the whole productive process goes with repeated and severe tests. BRC/IOP: technical standard to guarantee quality, security and conformity to the laws relative to the primary and secondary packaging destined to come into direct contact with food. The packaging is a component of the food product. Producers and suppliers of packaging for foodstuff must use appropriate systems of control to guarantee that these materials are safe and suitable for food use. This duty includes a control of the technical performances in the production plants of the packaging materials. Aware of the great importance of the safeguard and protection of the environment, the management of Novacart SpA undertakes to improve its own environmental performances and to prevent the pollution, in order to mitigate the impact of the industrial activities in the plant of Bosisio Parini (Lecco). Learning the profile of Novacart as described above, undoubtedly this brand will become a successful brand in all over Asia, continuing its previous success in Japan and Philippines. “Novacart will open its marketing offices and distribution lines in Asia and we are considering establishing a factory in Asia to assist our market penetration in this region, our future potential market,” Mr. Rodolfo closed his remark confidently.

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