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Dear Important People,
Please, spare your valuable 5 minutes to learn our proposal and you will get a lot.

I am Petrus Gandamana, Managing Director of PT. Market Research Partner Indonesia.
I would like to introduce you some of our services, soft skill training programs. Our other important service is Market Research and Consultation.

We studied a lot of companies focusing their efforts more on production, selling and marketing but at some point they stucked in the middle. What happened? They forget to upgrade their abilities and apply learning culture to compete in the market.
It is aknowledged that well-trained people are confident and be ready to overcome difficult situation ahead. This kind of high-calibre people are valuable capital in your company.

Because Staying competitive is the Key to Sustainability.
Training your staff, keeping them motivated and up-to-date with industry trends and new technologies is essential to achieving that goal.
Staff benefit too, learning new skills and becoming a valued asset in any organization.
Training brings direct benefits to business and can be calculated as a return on investment.

What Are the Benefits of Training ?
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Staying competitive is the key to sustainability. Training your staff, keeping them motivated and up-to-date with industry trends and new technologies is essential to achieving that goal.
Staff benefit too, learning new skills and becoming a valued asset in any organisation. Training brings direct benefits to business and can be calculated as a return on investment.

Both international and national research indicates that the increase in labour productivity resulting from targeted training can yield a return on investment of more than 30 per cent. Researchers use sophisticated statistical techniques to measure performance before and after the training in order to evaluate its impact.

Staff Retention
Training increases staff retention which is a significant cost saving, as the loss of one competent person can be the equivalent of one year's pay and benefits. In some companies, training programs have reduced staff turnover by 70 per cent and led to a return on investment of 7,000 per cent.

Staying Competitive
Businesses must continually change their work practices and infrastructure to stay competitive in a global market. As well as impacting on business profit margins, training can improve:
staff morale and satisfaction
'soft skills' such as inter-staff communication and leadership
time management
customer satisfaction.

New Business Opportunities
Trained and motivated staff who understand the specifics of your business operations, are a sustainable competitive advantage. They will give your business the competitive edge by:
increasing productivity and standards in production, therefore boosting your business reputation
being able to undertake a greater variety of work and therefore allow you to expand or open up new markets
allowing you to bid for more specialised, high value contracts
assisting you to meet business objectives faster.

Improved Staff Attitude and Morale
People enjoy learning when the material is relevant to their interests and many will be eager to apply their new skills and knowledge in practical situations.
Staff who possess diverse skills are generally more satisfied and positive in their jobs. This decreases the occurrence of work-related stress and improves the overall work environment.
By investing in their training, staff often feel:
their employer has confidence in them to do the job
the business values them and is giving something back over and above wages.

As a result, employees will become self-starters and develop further competencies such as leadership and teambuilding and be more willing to undertake further training.
Training is also a perfect opportunity for employers to get to know their staff better, and for staff to develop stronger working relationships.

Staff turnover and recruitment
Staffs who receive ongoing training are more likely to commit to their employers because :
completion of the training develops their careers
the training enables them to take on greater responsibility and higher paid work.

To retain an edge over their competitors, organisations have to keep abreast of industry changes, technological advances and new industry legislation.
Nationally recognised training, which is continually reviewed and updated by industry and training experts, keeps your business up-to-date with the latest industry and global marketplace developments.

New business opportunities
Trained and motivated staff who understand the specifics of your business operations, are a sustainable competitive advantage. They will give your business the competitive edge by:
increasing productivity and standards in production, therefore boosting your business reputation
being able to undertake a greater variety of work and therefore allow you to expand or open up new markets allowing you to bid for more specialised, high value contracts, assisting you to meet business objectives faster.

Take advantage of new technologies
Training is vital to stay ahead and take advantage of new information technologies, which play a crucial role in many organisations.
Trained staff will prevent your business from suffering skill shortages in IT and all other areas relevant to your industry.
Training is flexible and can occur with little disruption to your business. Vocational education and training can be delivered when and where it suits your business - after hours, on or off-the-job, and online.

Rodolfo de los Reyes MBA Ph.D (DR. Dups)
Exclusive Trainer & Public Seminar Speaker of PT. Market Research Partner Indonesia, Communication, Sales, Personhood & Leadership Expert

Dr. Rodolfo ‘Dups’ de los Reyes has been a highly acclaimed professional and corporate trainer for the past 28 years for his practical, motivational, and enjoyable approach.
His expertise covers :
· Salesmanship
· Self-Empowerment
· Communication
· Leadership and Management

His clientele includes top multinationals (e.g. Citibank, Unilever, Glaxo Smith Kline, Sofitel Phil. Plaza Hotel, Novartis), top local corporations (e.g. Central Bank, San Miguel).
Dr. Dups has been for the past eight years one of the most highly rated speakers (one of two regular Filipino resource persons and one of 20 international gurus) in the annual Asia-Pacific banking and hospital managers conventions held in various Asia-Pacific cities including Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta, Taipei, Hong Kong, and Guam (USA)--- where he has also conducted his various training programs.

Dr. Dups, has been a top salesman in life insurance and multi-level networking, with several awards including Top Million-Peso Producer. He is also a public speaking champion, having won in both prepared speech and impromptu public speaking competitions (including the Toastmasters regional speech competition in 1983 in San Diego, California, USA).
He has been president of Executive Toastmasters Club of Makati and vice-president of SMEI (Sales and Marketing Executives International).
He is also a prolific writer, having written business articles in various magazines and nine bestselling guidebooks to date on various topics (English usage, public speaking, salesmanship, and business writing).
He is now managing director of his own business firm, RAdelosReyes Management Consultancy in Philippines.
He taught business communication at the De La Salle Graduate School where he is now enrolled in graduate courses in counseling psychology and psychotherapy, and holds an MBA from the Ateneo Graduate School of Business (his thesis was on sales techniques of top Filipino salesmen). He is the first Filipino department chairman of English at the International School Manila, having an MA in literature from the University of the Philippines, where he also obtained his BA English, cum laude, as well as his PhD Communication (with a dissertation on corporate culture) in between his motivational speaking engagements in various professional organizations (e.g. Rotary International) and other international conventions.
The programs of Dr. Dups in Indonesia are available now and can be attained through his exclusive representative here, which is PT. MRP Indonesia. Kindly contact us to get more detail and free presentation.

Below are the companies where Dr. Dups had worked:

Current—since 2005, managing director of my own training and publishing firm, RadelosReyesManagement Consultancy

The Latest:
PROSEC 1976 up to 2005---first as executive vice president, then as corporate training consultant for sales and marketing, communication, leadership n management, and personal growth n motivation.

Concurrent with PROSEC
Multi-Level Networking with Golden Neo-Life Diamite (California, USA), then Amway (USA), then NuSkin (USA)

Insular Life Assurance Corporation (the country’s oldest life insurance corporation)---1985 to 1987, 1991-1996, as topnotch life insurance underwriter (top 5 million peso producers)

Mabuhay Magazine (in-flight magazine of Philipine Airlines)---1991-1994 as contributing business features writer

International School of Manila----1971-1976 as English Department chairperson (the first Filipino) teaching English to Grade 12 students

University of the Philippines----1969-70, 1982-83 as English professor in the college level

J Romero Advertising and Associates---1970-71 as advertising account executive


Overseas Clientele
Asia Pacific Bankers’ Congress (organized by Options Inc.)
Glaxo Smith Kline
Citibank (Taipei, Jakarta, Guam USA)
Hospital Management Asia (organized by Options Inc.)
P.T. Inti Salim
Unilever (Jakarta, Bangkok, Singapore, Malaysia)
Sinar Mas

Philipines Clientele
Personal/Self-Motivation Sales & Marketing
ACNielsen Ayala Land
Century Park Hotel Bank of the Phil. Islands
HP Invent Bayan Trade
Dept. of Health B. Braun Medical Supplies
Mandarin Hotel Boehringer Ingelheim
Manila North Tollway Corp. China Bank
Unilever Phils. HP Invent
Edward Keller
Equitable PCI Bank

Communication Export & Industry Bank
Vitarich Hotel Intercon
Aboitiz IBM Phils.
ACNielsen Insular Life
Ace Saatchi Mandarin Hotel
Asian Development Bank Manila Hotel
AT & T Metrobank
Atala Corp. Mimosa Golf & Country Club
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Peninsula Manila Hotel
Boots Pharma Pepsi-Cola Bottlers Phils.
Bristol Myers Philamlife Assurance
Caltex Phils. Citibank Philippine Airlines
Coca-Cola Export Philippine Savings Bank
Contact World Rizal Commercial Banking Corp.
Dev. Bank of the Phils. San Miguel Corp.
Generali Pilipinas Skycable
Intel Unilever Phils
Insular Life Waterfront Hotels
Land Bank of the Phils.
La Tondena
Link 2 Support Leadership/Management
Manila North Tollway Corp. Pilipinas Shell
Novartis SolidBank
Petron AstraZeneca
Pilipinas Shell Dept. of Science & Technology
Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. DCCD Engineering Corp.
San Miguel Corporation Glaxo Smith Kline
USAID Philippine Ports Authority


This workshop reinforces the often taken-for-granted guidelines that govern behavior that is considerate, appropriate, and unobtrusive. The workshop traces the origins of etiquette and how it still applies to the modern world. For the manager, areas of focus will include common etiquette pitfalls, e.g. how much information can you really share, apologizing via email, the use of the cell phone. Other concerns include etiquette in travel and examples of cultural interaction.
The workplace involves people who are ruled by both the intellect and the emotions. Being an environment where change and emotional interface prevail, it is important that human emotions are well-managed. The manager is more effective if equipped with insights and strategies applying the four cornerstones of EQ: emotional literacy, congruence, depth, and alchemy. Dr Dups explains these four areas and helps each manager assess his or her EQ leadership skills with self-inventory exercises.
Work situations involve dealing with people day in and day out, and too often, in spite of the team spirit pervading in an organization, many unavoidable causes lead to conflicts which bring out the difficult behaviors of co-workers, clients, and suppliers. Because we produce results in business through people, it is best that any issues involving difficulty in human behavior be addressed. Dr. Dups has five strategies---professionally conceived and highly effective---that make us deal with difficult people, at work and elsewhere.
This workshop tackles in detail how to communicate negative messages that are necessary and important for an organization to survive. If not managed well, such messages can cause irremediable conflict. One example is the typical message sent by auditors, who invariably become persona non grata to most people in the workplace owing to the bad news they have to convey. Other messages include announcing an unexpected price increase, or a performance appraisal that includes considerable negative feedback. Dr. Dups shares insights and strategies applicable to both written and spoken channels of communication.

A five-day workshop that enhances leadership skills through a high level of confidence in managing change and crisis in unpredictable times. Strategies for commitment and servant leadership, with an EQ-based awareness of people, will be highlighted with exciting drills. Open to all leaders and persons who influence change and are subject to constant change. Highly acclaimed in international conferences in two-hour sessions since the late 90’s.

A three-days (24 hrs) of drill-intensive learning. Covers self-confident delivery with impact, organizing informative and persuasive presentations, audience rapport for adaptability and sensitivity, managing visual aids, and how to handle questions from all kinds of audiences. Has been successfully done for Citibank and Unilever Malaysia and Indonesia since 1988. Ongoing in Unilever Indonesia up to the present.

A three-days (24 hrs) of dynamic exercises and modern insights on making people more productive. Focus is on the people aspect of management with an EQ-based awareness of people and how they grow from comfort to courage zones to optimize their potential. First run in Unilever Indonesia in 2003.

A three-days (24 hrs) of fun-filled and thought-provoking strategic exercises on how to win in negotiations without losing the trust of the other party. Covers both quantitative and qualitative areas of negotiating. Given to management trainees and direct hires for Unilever Indonesia starting 2001.

A three-days (24 hrs) on the usual skills needed by a manager but with the unique focus on managing with the heart and not just the mind. Has been successfully done for Unilever Indonesia since 1988.

A two-day workshop that enhances awareness of the value of humor in relationships and business. Focus will be on how to inject humor into presentations, use it approximately in conversations for more productive results by eliminating barriers, with a high-impact fun set of exercises and drills. Open to all level, especially leaders who need to model much enthusiasm for their followers.

A four-days (32 hrs) of person-focused exercises and processing aimed at making managers more integrated and self-aware, authentic and congruent, with unconditional positive regard for others. Makes the manager more self-empowered and effective at work. Three successful runs in Unilever Indonesia since 2002.

Authored By: Dr. Rodolfo ‘Dups’ A. de los Reyes

On English Usage (Grammar)

How to write in clear and correct world-class English
How to master top priorities in business usage
How to improve grammar in the most enjoyable manner

On Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

How to make stand-up presentations with impact!
How to use voice and body language to your advantage
How to win your audience and make sure your message is understood

On Business Writing

How to be concise and direct to the point
How to organize a one-page email and correspondence
How to finish a written message in the least amount of time

How to write bad news messages and still keep the client
How to write sales and management proposals that win the deal
How to be positive and tactful with words and still be clear and direct

How to write long reports and produce results
How to write effective paragraphs
How to present data in the most readable manner

On Professional Salesmanship

How to make persuasive sales presentations
How to use power words and power body language
How to sell with belief and enthusiasm

How to establish and maintain genuine rapport with clients
How to listen with empathy and with less judgment
How to handle objections and negotiate

How to strategize to hit sales quotas
How to manage time and win more prospects
How to cope with stress and use effective work strategies

Workshop / Training
Valuable Investment Package

Dr Dups training programs are world class ones considering the big and multi-national company clients he had served. He is also one of the rare PhD that can deliver his sessions in a lively and enthusiast way. The training session is really an enjoying time with him, from beginning till last.
The rate below is for one group of training session comprises maximum 25 people.

US$ 7,500 for 3 day program ( 8 hours/day incl. lunch time 1 hour)
US$ 5,500 for 2 day program ( 8 hours/day incl. lunch time 1 hour)
US$ 3,000 for 1 day program ( 8 hours/day incl. lunch time 1 hour)
* The US$ rate based on Bank Central Asia TT Selling Rate on transferred date

The length of training programs can vary depending on client needs (please see our detail programs below).

For participants beyond 25, the additional fee per head is US$ 150 per day is applied.

All fees are to be settled net of tax, 10 % VAT should be added.

50% DP transferred to PT. MRP Indonesia bank account 15 days prior training program and the rest of 50% should be settled 5 days before training program schedule.

Transferred account : BCA Cabang Mandala Raya,
Account Name : Ir. Petrus Gandamana, Account No. 398.106.0651

Please fax your bank transfer form to +62 21 4619032

Cancellation fee is 25% from total cost and will be deducted from DP.

PT. MRP Indonesia provides the master copy of the workbook and the handouts, as well as the CD of training presentation visuals.

The client corporation provides the venue, participants’ copies of the workbook and handouts, training equipment and materials (laptop/LCD, whiteboard, flip charts), as well as certificates of attendance.

The above conditions are Jakarta & Greater Jakarta (Bogor, Bekasi, Tangerang) rates.

For out-of-Jakarta and overseas venues, the appropriate premium fees shall still be submitted. The client corporation shall settle land trip arrangements (to and from the local airport, to and from the venue) as well as round trip local airplane fares and hotel accommodations for 2 persons (Dr Dups and assistant).

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